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Notifications & Signage


You will need to place many postings in your assisted living home, including DHS notices, evacuation routes, and more. 8.5 x 11 frames are perfect for cleanly meeting these requirements.

Exit Signs*

Exit signs are required to be placed above your emergency exits. If your municipality doesn’t specify lit signage, these simple signs will work fine.

Lit Exit Signs

If your municipality requires them, you will need to install lit exit signs with battery backup.

Facility Safety

Wheelchair Ramps*

Wheelchair ramps are required to be installed on all entries/exits useable by residents. Be sure to get a quality ramp of adequate size to provide for maximum safety.

Fire Extinguishers*

Fire extinguishers must be rated at least 2A-10-BC. Check with your fire service to determine how many are needed. Most fires happen in the kitchen and garage areas. I locate two extinguishers in each of those areas as a minimum.

Smoke Detectors*

If no sprinkler system is installed, AZ DHS rules still state that a smoke detector must be installed in laundry rooms, storage rooms, attached garages, and hallways adjacent to resident rooms.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors*

Municipalities will usually require homes that have natural gas or an attached garage to install carbon monoxide detectors in hallways adjacent to residnet rooms.

Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers*

Refrigerators and freezers must have thermometers accurate to +/- 3 degrees and freezers must cool food to 0° Fahrenheit.

Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers*

Hot water must be maintained between 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A digital thermometer makes these easy to verify.

Medication Management

Magnetic Cabinet Locks*

If you opt to use existing cabinets for securing medications, these magnetic cabinet locks are an economical solution.

Medication or Chemical Closet Lock*

If you are utilizing an existing closet or room to secure medications or chemicals and dangerous substances, an electronic keypad deadbolt is a convenient way to be compliant but offers convenience for your staff.


Medisets are a common method of organizing medications for medication administration.

Resident Care


A temporal thermometer makes temperature checks quick and easy. You will want multiple devices for checking temperatures available based on residents’ needs and for backup.

Blood Pressure Cuff

A quality automated blood pressure cuff makes daily blood pressure checks a breeze. Don’t scrimp here, buy a quality unit. Also, consider buying a backup or having a manual cuff and stethoscope available in the facility.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are inexpensive. Consider buying multiples for backup or multiple staff members.

Pill Book*

A Pill Book is required by Arizona DHS for a reference for medications prescribed to your residents. We recommend storing this with your medications. 

Hygiene & Infection Control

Mattress Liners*

Mattress liners are required by Arizona DHS on all resident mattresses available for use.

Pillow Case Liners*

Pillow liners are required by Arizona DHS on all resident pillows available for use.

Vinyl Gloves*

Vinyl or Latex gloves are required for many tasks in an assisted living home. We recommend placing them in the kitchen, bathrooms, and resident rooms for easy access when needed.

Hand Sanitizer*

Along with handwashing, hand sanitizer is an important tool in infection control in an assisted living home.

Hand Soap*

Nothing beats handwashing in the fight against the spread of disease. AZ DHS requires hand soap at each sink accessible in a bathroom.

Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holders allow easy dispensing of paper towels.

Paper Towels*

Paper towels or a mechanical hand dryer is required at each sink in the bathrooms available for residents.

Covered Trash Cans, Resident Rooms, Restrooms*

Trash cans in resident rooms and bathrooms must be covered. 

Covered Trash & Recycling Cans, Kitchen*

Trash cans and recycling cans in the kitchen must be covered as well.  

Dirty Laundry Hamper*

Dirty laundry hamper or container must be covered also. If they are vented or have holes in the side, they must be lined when in use also. 

Clean Laundry Hamper*

A separate laundry hamper for clean laundry must be available for use. It does not have to be covered.

Resident Safety

Grab Bars*

Grab bars for the toilet and, if applicable, the bathtub or shower and other assistive devices, may be  required to provide for resident safety

Door Alarms*

To provide for safety for residents who may wander, you will need to install door alarms on facility exits.

Lockbox for Refrigerated Medications*

Refrigerated medications must also be secured for resident’s safety, this lockbox can be used in your refrigerator to secure these medications.

Notification Bell*

You must provide a mean for residents to notify staff they need assistance. A simple notification bell is an economical solution.

Notification Pager System

A pager system is another notification option to allow residents to notify staff. These have become quite reasonable.

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