Assisted Living Home Licensing, Arizona


Business Name & Entity Establishment

ALH Services will consult, advise and process documents required to establish the client’s business entity for licensure. We will also submit documents to obtain an EIN number for client’s business. This will meet requirements for AZ DHS license application and allow the client to open a bank account for the business.

LLC Formation

Note: Arizona Corporate Commission fees and publishing fee, if required, are not included.

Jurisdictional Approval

ALH Services will provide complete support for obtaining certificate of occupancy or jurisdictional approval for the facility’s application for AZ DHS license. This approval will be coordinated with either county or city that has jurisdictional authority over the property associated with the assisted living home to be licensed. ALH Services will generate and submit all documentation and coordinate & attend all inspections.

ALH Services will generate all required documentation for application submission. This can include-

  • Application
  • Site Survey with dimensioning
  • Floorplan with dimensioning
  • Operational narrative
  • Evacuation Route

ALH Services will coordinate and participate in all inspections required for jurisdictional approval. If any deficiencies are identified by inspecting departments (building safety, fire department), ALH Services will consult and advise to achieve compliance.

Note: Jurisdictional processing fees are not included. Also, other costs associated with jurisdictional approval that are not included in home preparation section are also not included. This generally would be home structural modifications required for building code compliance. Examples include previous non-permitted home modifications and structural changes required due to building code changes since home construction.

Home Preparation

ALH Services will consult and advise on the preparation of the home for successful initial licensure by Arizona DHS. This will include advice and consultation for furniture, fixtures and equipment. All necessary items for procurement will be specified for the client along with cost saving options.

ALH Services initial licensure will include installation service for the following items=

  • Required postings, framed
  • Evacuation Routes in bedrooms and common areas, framed
  • Additional smoke detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Medication Storage lock
  • Sharps/Knives lock
  • Safety grab bars
  • Wheelchair ramps

Note: These services are only available for assisted living home startups in Maricopa and Pinal counties in Arizona.


ALH Services will provide and deploy a comprehensive documentation package for licensing and startup. We guarantee our documentation to be compliant and meet all requirements for initial survey by Arizona Department of Health Services. The documentation package will be delivered in hard copies in 10 binders and also on a digital USB. The USB will contain copies of documents in Microsoft Word format to allow future editing and customization. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Policy and Procedure
  • Required postings
  • Facility Forms
  • Resident Forms
  • Employee Forms
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Disaster Plan
  • Nutritional / Dietary Guide

ALH Manager License

ALH Services will provide a licensed assisted living home manager to assume manager responsibilities during initial licensure and for a period of 14 days from the date of AZ DHS license issuance.

Continued licensed manager services can be purchased for an additional fee.

Arizona Department of Health Services Licensing Process

ALH Services will provide a licensed assisted living home manager to assume manager responsibilities during initial licensure and for a period of 14 days from the date of AZ DHS license issuance.

Mentorship and Support

ALH Services will provide mentorship support services for 60 days after issuance of license from AZ DHS. This will include the following-

Operational support and training

  • Resident admission process, including 1st resident admission
  • Residency termination process
  • Employee hiring process, including license manager and caregiver
  • Facility monitoring and documentation
  • Compliance readiness

Marketing Support

ALH Services will advise and consult for the development of a marketing plan to drive placement and revenue for your assisted living home. This will include-

  • Introduction to experienced placement agents and services
  • Advise for print marketing media
  • Advise for digital marketing media
  • Consultation for your first open house

Print and digital media marketing services are available for an additional fee. This can include

  • Website hosting and design
  • Business card design and printing
  • Brochure design and printing
  • GMB listing

Ongoing phone support

ALH Services is committed to the success of your assisted living home business. We value your business and our relationship. We are always available to take phone calls and answer questions as they arise throughout your journey. This is inclusive of our licensing fee for as long as necessary.


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