ALH Licensing Requirements: Site Survey for Municipal Approval

Another common requirement for approval for a residential assisted home by municipalities is a site survey. A site survey is a graphical depiction of your entire property. Pay attention to the requirements that the local municipality specifies for inclusion in the site survey. Common features for inclusion in a site survey include- Property lines Directional […]

ALH Licensing Requirements: Narrative for Jurisdiction Approval

Part of the process for licensing a residential care home is obtaining approval from your local jurisdiction that governs the property location. Sometimes this agency will require a “narrative” or written overview that describes how your business will function within the community. The items covered in the narrative will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Generally […]

Preventing the Flu in Assisted Living Homes

October is a fantastic time of year in Arizona. We say goodbye to the extreme heat and begin fully enjoying the outdoors once again. But as assisted living home owners, it should also signal our preparation for flu season. Our elderly population is especially susceptible to serious problems associated with the flu. Here’s a quick […]